Your DIYs!

Creative ideas abound out there! We asked you to share some of your DIY projects with us, and wow, were we impressed! From pallet board signs and headboards to full-on kitchen renovations, you sure know how to do it yourself! Here are some of those projects, submitted to us on Facebook:

After, locker sideboard
Before, locker sideboard
Pallet wood string art

“The locker sideboard is on casters so that we can move it for extra serving space. The lockers also provide lots of storage. These were made from two sets of old rusty gray lockers from a workshop. It’s topped off with a handmade centerpiece box and flowers from our garden. The pallet wood string art (of the state of Maine, of course) is made from pallets and old twine.”
—Jami Murphy, Gorham


“In 2015 I found myself to be a newly divorced, single mom. I had a job I loved (still do!), but making ends meet was difficult. I was trying to figure out what my next steps were going to be around housing and what I could do to about getting a second job. I looked at buying an affordable home, but nothing seemed like the right fit for me and my son. My friend and real estate agent knew I had some renovating skills. She asked me if I would be willing to keep an open mind and look at a property: a duplex! Housing and second job all in one! It was in a great neighborhood, but in need of work and someone with vision. I decided to go for it. I rented out the better unit and lived in the one that needed the most attention. On closing day, I took down kitchen cabinets, broke out the sledgehammer and went to work. Discovering all kinds of things along the way slowed me down (the most exciting was a completely walled off staircase!) and I certainly didn’t know everything there was to know. YouTube, a referral network among friends and power tools were all handy on nights and weekends for almost a year. The occasional professional was brought in too (no electrical work for this DIYer)!

When I got tired of the dust, of the daily routine rearranging and of the work, I reminded myself that this was my second job and that it would be worth it all in the end. Slow and steady would win this race. It did! I have since been able to purchase a single-family home and have now rented out both units, enabling me to provide a more secure future for myself and my family.”
—SarahJoy Chaples, Bangor

Painted animal jars

“I found some fun animal statues in a local craft store and emptied out the fridge to source my glass jars. Then I hot glued the animals to the jar lids and spray painted them with gold paint. I love displaying them on the mantle filled with treasures. When friends and family see them, I get a lot of ‘You made that?!’ and ‘Those are awesome!’ They’re fun and different… and easy to make!”
—Megan O’Brien, South Portland


“I have twin daughters; one was going away to college and the other is living at home while attending USM. The one staying home wanted to spruce up her room. So she did research on Pinterest and came up with some ideas to make a headboard. We decided to go with one that used pegboard so we didn’t need to drill holes. Home Depot cut it down to size. It was pretty simple to make. We did it over a couple of days. Cost about $40. We had half off coupons at JoAnn Fabrics and ordered the buttons off Amazon. The area we had a problem with was stapling the fabric to the back—pegboard is very hard and it required an electric stapler.”
—Lynn Hurst and her daughter Kathryn, Saco

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