Young, focused and making their mark

Young, focused and making their mark

There are so many young women in Maine who are doing very important and interesting things, fueled from passion, desire, and sometimes need – it’s difficult to choose just a handful for our annual Emerging Leaders issue of Maine Women. This year we feature 10 women, all under 35, who are making their mark on Maine and emerging as our future leaders in various fields and professions. I hope you find this issue as inspiring as I do.

When I was 22, I packed my Mercury Monarch with as much stuff as I could fit (including my white shepherd, Mercedes) and headed north from Massachusetts into Maine. I was lucky to have landed a temporary position with Union Mutual, the predecessor of Unum, in PR and I felt like I was really on my way. It was a very exciting and scary time in my young life. Through my political-reporter sister and her buddies, I found a place to share with another flak who was stumping for then-Sen. George Mitchell. My life was full, fun and interesting and I was pretty content with that. I did not have a plan at that time, or a strategy to emerge as an independent business owner, executive MBA recipient or community publisher. Unlike so many of the women we meet in this issue of Maine Women, I more or less stumbled along various paths until I found one that I felt was taking me in a direction that felt right.

Chloe Maxmin, pictured on our cover, a 22-year-old climate activist, has been pursuing her passion for about half her life. At age 12, Chloe was involved in a project to change the course of corporate development in the Moosehead Lake region – she wanted the land to be preserved and fought for that. In high school, she founded the Climate Action Club, which was successful enough to be featured on the Sundance Channel. Now a senior at Harvard University, Chloe continues to create change. You can read about that on page 8.

Reegan Brown, 26, is a health and fitness guru who uses her passion to help others. Whether she is on the job with Partners for Healthier Communities through Southern Maine Health Care, teaching cycling at XL Sports World, or being a full-time mom to her 5-year-old, Reegan is all about being healthy. She hopes to see obesity rates decrease dramatically in southern Maine, and she is committed to do what she can to make that happen. Read more about Reegan on page 5.

There is so much more to read and learn in this issue of Maine Women magazine. Kick back and relax and enjoy the experience. You will also find our usual columnists and features, and great recipes for the fall months. Let us know what you think. And, stay tuned for our next issue, all about Style, on the stands Nov. 19.

– Lee Hews, Publisher

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