Women’s Work: Passion, family support ?keys to company success

Women’s Work: Passion, family support ?keys to company success

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Personnel File:

Nathalie Descheneaux

Company: Coastal Consulting Services, LLC, based in Scarborough

When she started the business: 2005

Personal: Married, with two children

It might seem cliche?, but Nathalie Descheneaux really does feel like she’s making a difference in people’s lives – something she finds incredibly rewarding.

Her six-year-old, Scarborough-based business, Coastal Consulting Services, LLC, offers occupational and physical therapy and various educational services to seniors and others in their own homes – which in the end, Descheneaux says, enables them to continue leading independent and meaningful lives.

Ultimately, owning a business is a challenging, 24-7 job, she says, but in the end it’s all worth it.

Q: What factors from your childhood gave you the courage to venture out on your own?

A: I grew up in Quebec, and my parents always valued education and hard work. From an early age, I had strong work ethics instilled in me. My parents always said, “If you do something, do it right.” My family and my husband have always been supportive of my choices, which gave me the confidence to do what I wanted to do.

Q: What do you think are the key traits needed to become a successful female entrepreneur?

A: To be successful, you need to do what you’re passionate about. If you believe in what you do, and you’re committed to it, work becomes fun, and it’s rewarding. If you’re sincere in your passion, it’s going to be successful. But it has to be true.

Q: What keeps you motivated today?

A: I find it very rewarding to be able to be independent. I’m also surrounded with a wonderful team of people who are very positive and dedicated; they bring really good energy to the table. When we make a difference in people’s lives is also very rewarding. It’s a lot of work to be a business owner, but it brings me a lot of personal satisfaction.

Q: What’s your overall outlook on life, summed up in a few sentences?

A: I am very positive. I embrace change. I’m not afraid of trying new things. I work hard to find the right balance between family, friends, work, exercise, play. It’s a constant challenge to make sure it’s all balanced so that I can do a good job at all of it.

– Taryn Plumb

Nathalie Descheneaux

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