WOMEN’S WORK – ‘Never make any excuses’

Personnel File:

Whitney Sullivan

Co-owner, Personalized Nutrition and Fitness (With Mark York)

982 Roosevelt Trail, Windham

(207) 892-8333


Personal: Married with three 3 kids, ages 13, 15, and 20.

Started business: Nov. 1.

She’s tough. Whitney Sullivan has competed in powerlifting and bodybuilding championships. She’s run several marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 1996 – while six months pregnant.

Now, the longtime fitness instructor has opened her own studio, Personalized Nutrition and Fitness in Windham, which offers personal, strength and conditioning training, nutrition planning, group exercise, and extreme outdoor boot camps.


What were your key needs in getting started?


The positive feedback I was getting from my clients, who were very supportive and encouraged the idea of me opening a fitness studio. They were willing to make that move with me, and knowing they believed in me made me want to open PNF. Also, the fact that my husband Sean – who recently retired from the Coast Guard – was now willing to be the parent to get the kids to their extracurricular activities. For so many years I was like a single parent, still training clients while Sean was out to sea. Without him I’m not sure I would have done this. And I am truly lucky to have met a great business partner (Mark York) that I have worked with professionally for almost eight years.


What factors from your upbringing gave you the courage to venture out on your own?


Definitely my parents. They were very supportive – whether the decisions were good or bad. I have always been a risk-taker. My dad has always said that I was the kid who would jump into a hole and not think about the consequences. I would just hope I made the right decision. I would work hard to prove that jumping in that hole was a good idea. This has led me to my recent jump to PNF. Which has been worth the jump.


What advice would you give an aspiring female entrepreneur?


Start by researching. Make sure there is a place in the market for your business. Be passionate. Money is important, but you have love what you do. Then the money will follow. Go for it. Never make any excuses, and never have any regrets or “what ifs?”.


What’s your overall outlook on life, summed up in a sentence or two?


It’s definitely changed as I have aged. I want it all. A happy balance. I’m a daughter, wife, mother, friend, and a successful female business owner who will work hard to have her “wealth from health.”

–Taryn Plumb

Whitney Sullivan

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