WOMEN’S WORK – Healthy, spiritual – and tasty, too

WOMEN’S WORK – Healthy, spiritual – and tasty, too

Personnel File

Kathleen Flanagan

and Jeanette Richelson

Roost House of Juice

11 Free St., Portland



Started their business in summer 2012

As yoga instructors and advocates for holistic living and organic, locally sourced food, Kathleen Flanagan and Jeanette Richelson wanted to provide an opportunity for people to eat more fruits and vegetables. Also, they aimed to create a safe haven where people, no matter their allergies and intolerances, could choose anything on the menu.

The result Roost House of Juice, an organic, vegan and gluten-free café that boasts a menu of not only juices and smoothies, but desserts and wine.

It was supported in part by an $8,500 Kickstarter campaign (they ultimately raised $8,740), and based on the concept of “sacred commerce” – that is, running a business as a path to awakening, and understanding the benefits of commercial business ventures that are socially, environmentally, morally, and spiritually aware and responsible. Flanagan responded to Maine Women’s questions about the business.

Q What were your key needs in getting started with your business?

A We decided that making sure we were compatible, and believing in some fundamental/foundational things was of utmost importance. After that, support from the necessary people in our lives, the right space, help with the business process from specific people – and needing to be flexible in all of this – were all key aspects of moving into business.

Q What keeps you motivated today?

A Each other! It is truly a joy to get to work with someone you appreciate being around. The environment of comfort and ease we’ve created at Roost also prompts folks to come in and tell us their stories, and that’s a pleasure, as well.

Q What do you think are the key traits needed to become a successful female entrepreneur?

A No regrets, no expectations and a lot of patience. Also, an ever-evolving, malleable definition of success, trusting yourself, and constant dialogue with one another.

Q What’s your overall outlook on life, summed up in a sentence or two?

A It’s not what you do; it’s how you do what you do.

Kathleen Flanagan, left, and Jeanette Richelson are the women behind Roost House of Juice in Portland, an organic, vegan and gluten-free café that boasts a menu of not only juices and smoothies, but also desserts and wine. 

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