Women’s contributions invaluable

The economy is contributing to the struggle facing many Americans. The current notion is that you are lucky to have a job, regardless if you’re content in that position. For new college graduates the excitement is immediately followed by stress and fear. Higher education provides a priceless amount of resources and knowledge; however, most feel as if they are still not prepared to face the “real world.”

As a recent new graduate, I had a similar anxiety. After less than a year out of school, I was hired as sales and leasing consultant for Prime Motor Group and immediately knew that it was a promising opportunity. The automotive industry is thriving and the opportunities are endless. It is the place where an optimistic attitude is a must.

As Ira Rosenberg, Prime Motor Group owner, would say, it is “fire in the belly” that leads to success. As I further my education and pursue a masters in business administration, I continue to learn and grow in my career with Prime as a public relations coordinator.

The opportunities for women within Prime Motor Group are endless. From sales, service and accounting, women’s contributions to Prime Motor Group are invaluable. A strong connection with Maine communities and Maine people is what you will find at Prime. Ira believes that his biggest investment is the people around him and he is surrounded by a very large Prime family.

For more information on employment with Prime Motor Group e-mail kprior@primemotorgroup.com.

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