Women devoted to downtown catch eye of Prime Motor Group

Women devoted to downtown catch eye of Prime Motor Group

Although the Prime Motor Group dealerships are clustered along U.S. Route 1 in Scarborough and Saco, two energetic women in nearby Biddeford have attracted the attention of local businesses that place high value on giving back to the community, and buying local products and services.

That’s why Prime Motor Group and its owner, Ira Rosenberg, and his wife Judy, continue to support the Heart of Biddeford, to help the organization fulfill its mission of attracting more businesses to the city’s downtown.

Last fall, Ira Rosenberg had lunch with Delilah Poupore, the group’s executive director, and Tammy Ackerman, its president. The three had a lively discussion about the arts, what it takes to revitalize a mill town in Maine, and how to succeed in business.

“Along the way I’ve learned a few lessons about successful retail presentation,” Rosenberg said. “Lesson number one, do business locally. Shopping locally is becoming all the rage again, but truthfully it never went out of style with me. Nothing’s more important than supporting the local economy, and I appreciate the good work Heart of Biddeford does to promote that.”

The Heart of Biddeford is a volunteer-driven organization that concentrates on building and promoting success stories, in line with the business philosophy of Rosenberg and Prime. Information on all programs is available on the group’s website, www.HeartOfBiddeford.org.

In addition to her role with Heart of Biddeford, Ackerman pulls double duty as founder of Engine (www.FeedTheEngine.org), a nonprofit leadership and advocacy organization committed to designing, launching, and promoting community-based arts programming. Engine’s “manifesto” states that, “Commerce follows culture. Art should integrate, not alienate. And art, in its fullest expression, not only impacts individuals but transforms communities.”

Ackerman was a central player in a real estate transaction that garnered a lot of media attention last fall, helping persuade the Reny family, which owns and operates the Reny’s chain of stores throughout Maine, to donate a 19,000-square-foot building on Main Street. Engine wants the building to be the city’s cultural hub.

Energy like that is contagious. In fulfilling the missions of Engine and Heart of Biddeford, Ackerman and Poupore have earned high marks in Biddeford-Saco for their enthusiasm and commitment, and their never-say-die attitudes when a perceived obstacle to success occasionally pops up.

“Let me tell you, we are lucky to have people like Tammy and Delilah here in southern Maine,” Rosenberg said. “I love their determination and drive.”

The creative sparks were flying last fall when Ira Rosenberg, president of the Prime Motor Group, invited Delilah Poupore, left, and Tammy Ackerman, right, to talk about community, the arts and business over lunch.

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