Where does your creative genius shine?


We know creativity comes in many forms. Some of us love to create art, and some of us get crafty in the kitchen. Others are impressive problem solvers, scrapbookers or event planners. Here’s some of what we heard on Facebook.

Kimberly Curry, Portland
“I work at Goodwill of Northern New England as the director of community relations, and we drink a lot of Coffee By Design. Recently, challenged by my Goodwill colleagues, I made Coffee Man out of used CBD cups. (I did not drink ALL that coffee myself.) My coworkers donated their used cups, lids and sleeves. Five months later, Coffee Man was born! His superhero cape is of coffee lids, but my favorite part is his hair—short spikes made from the paper cup rims. He is a champion for sustainability! He is on display at the Coffee By Design headquarters on Diamond Street. When I am not at Goodwill, you can find me in my art studio painting.”

Janette Hough, Portland
“I get creative making sometimes weird, sometimes intense and often funny aerial theater.”

Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons, Kennebunkport
“I love to cook for a horde of people. I plan for weeks and love to make a huge spread of food—even dishes that I have never tried before. I just did an all-Israeli food dinner for friends and it was magnificent!”

Kendra Wheeler, Greene
“I make a kickbutt scrapbook and all things crafty. I have a whole room! But I also love teaching other people how to find their creative side—it’s so important to have an outlet!”

Danielle Brown, Freeport
“By day I’m a high-risk OB sonographer at MMP Women’s Health, by night I’m a painter who longs to put brush to canvas. I enjoy mostly acrylic and oil. Painting is a way for me to relax and let my creativity flow.”

Joie Grandbois, Portland
“I love to collaborate with people. There is nothing like getting performers from different disciplines together to create something. The result is almost always something amazing and totally unexpected.”

Mary-Theresa Tringale, Portland
“Planning an event gets my creative juices flowing, imagining every detail, the logistics from start to finish, and figuring out the who/what/where/how can keep me in my flow for hours into the wee hours of the morning!”

Adria Moynihan Rusk, Portland
“Cooking, documenting life through photography, board games and crossword puzzles, taking and teaching painting workshops.”

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