What’s style? Just ask

What’s style? Just ask

What defines your style? I asked that question to several women I know, and as expected, the responses were as diverse as the women who gave them. I want to share some of the comments with you.

My friend Mary, 45ish, who is a corporate negotiator and fellow MBA student with me at Suffolk University, said: “I think personality defines a woman’s sense of style. Just as we have different moods we have different expressions of style. Some days it is jeans other days it is yoga clothes and every now and then a nice suit or a dressy dress. I think the clothes we wear are like small windows into the essence of our personalities, if we are having fun and enjoying life or just going through the motions.”

Joyce, 50-something, who works with me, says that style “is all about a woman’s confidence and feeling comfortable in her own skin regardless of age, size or the latest fad.”

For Ann, 50ish, also a work colleague, it’s accessories. Her idea of style is what makes her feel good. Her pal Cyndy, 59ish, agrees. Cyndy is branching out more, trying new hair styles, and accenting her “regular” outfits with bright scarves. Both women want bold and fun in their style.

Nancy, 70ish, who is active in the Ogunquit Women’s Club and also a tutor at York County Community College, said that style “is wanting to look my best in the colors that suit me.”

Sara, 30ish, a Boston executive and fellow classmate, said: “Speaking from the vantage point of not all women possessing style, the essence of the woman defines her style.” She added a popular quote: “It’s like pornography, you know it when you see it.”

Beth, a 40ish recent transplant from Colorado and co-worker, said: “When I think of style, I think of one of the most authentic and classy women I know. Her home, wardrobe, makeup, hair, nails, vehicle and activities all reflect her personal style and joie de vivre. She dresses for success and takes time and care in doing so. She chooses clothing, colors and styles that complement her figure and stature. Her home reflects her heritage, grace and style perfectly – an eclectic mix of fine art, family photos and well-loved and much-used crystal. When guests congregate at her table, she uses real linen and china. It matters not if she is serving a lobster and clam feed or steaks and salad, the conversation is free and easy, the wine, beer or champagne flows and stimulating conversations abound. In a nutshell, I would have to chalk up the effortlessness of her style to the purely authentic manner in which she approaches everything in life.”

A new mom in the office, Jen, 25, is struggling with style right now. “What defines my style now is how fast and easy an outfit is to put on with a crying baby in the background. And trying to find something that fits and can cover up my leftover baby fat, stretch marks and bigger boobs while still looking like a 25-year-old woman.”

Enjoy the women you meet in this issue of Maine Women – they are all wonderful. I want to give special thanks and recognition to Andrea Nemitz, our guest editor for this issue. Andrea, who has a great sense of style, is a longtime Maine journalist and now the manager of Black Parrot in Portland’s Old Port.

As always, thanks for reading. Best wishes to you for a peaceful – and stylish – holiday season.

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— Lee Hews, Publisher

Lee Hews, The Publisher

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