We are all artists

Many years ago I made the decision to leave a bad marriage. It took some time, and naturally, my escape did not go exactly as planned. But when I did “break free,” I wanted to never forget that moment of finality. I know that time has a way of blurring some truths and erasing the finer lines of memory—so, I felt I needed a constant reminder. My way of celebrating this moment of freedom was to permanently mark my body with a beautiful tattoo that was appropriately titled “Breaking Free.” Though many people will never see this tribute, I see it every day, and it makes me happy, re-boosts my confidence and makes me proud for being brave. Like many women do, I chose an expression of art to showcase an emotional life event.  

In this issue of Maine Women Magazine, we are spotlighting and celebrating many forms of art. Tattoo art is one of them. See  page 22 for a very insightful look at this form of art with tattoo artist Jennifer Moore, who brings spirituality into her practice. Alicia Fisher, a frequent contributor to the magazine, writes a beautiful piece this month about her journey into her very intricate collage artwork, page 14.  Maggie Knowles, our Momsense columnist, literally gets her artistic groove back when she starts dancing again (page 34).

I like to believe that everyone is an artist of some sort. I think there is art in almost everything we do. Whether we create beautiful gardens or paintings, a great meal for dozens of friends, a uniquely designed room or creatively applied make-up—art is everywhere.  Maybe you make music or perform on stage, maybe you create pottery or jewelry. While we may not all think of ourselves as artists, I would argue that each of us, in our own way, is in fact an artist. Think about the time you spent choosing that outfit for a special occasion or how long it took you to decide on a particular piece of furniture. How about the car you drive? For some of us, our wheels are definitely an artistic expression of who we are.

Check out our Street Style photos on page 49 in this issue. Each of these women has chosen a hair color or style that portrays an artistic image of who they are—so cool, right? I love that we live in a time and place where this type of personal freedom is applauded. I was also struck by a comment that furniture designer Libby Strum made describing the art that goes into creating a single piece of furniture: “I look at my pieces and think I’ve made decisions about every single detail.” Read more about Libby and her work on page 10.

As you’re looking through this issue, take note of a couple of great events that we have coming up.  Maine Women Magazine is hosting a Spring Expo at the beautiful Nonantum Resort on Sunday, April 30. This event has something for everyone, including a SheJAMs Power of SHE 5K to kick off the event and a great Happy Hour to finish it off. For more information about the expo, go to springexpo.mainewomenmagazine.com.  We are also thrilled to be sponsoring Maine YogaFest this year, which runs from July 7–9. Stay tuned for details, and check out their site at www.maineyogafest.com. Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read and give us your feedback.

Lee Hews

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