It’s Time

I’m a pen and paper girl
In an iPad world
In a digital haze
In subliminal fog
In the world of the machines
I’m just a noisy cog
In the world of free thinkers
I accomplish it all
Take a nap middle of the day
Problem is solved
Brainstorm all night
Test my resolve
I live above the law
Because the laws are reckless
When reckless endangering
Turns men to felons
Laws for the sake of hiding flaws
In the system
Apparent to common folk
Legislators missed them
They’re all too busy
Getting their teeth bleached
Or lying on a beach with a drink
Under palm tree swings
Not anti-government
I’m anti-hate
Our government hates
When Free men are awake
Not sleeping on things
And what they bring
Declaring war unnecessary
When it’s time for peace
When it’s time to plant
When it’s time to fleece
Know when it’s time to comfort
And time to police

By Ehrika Martin

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