Written by Molana Oei, Lubec/Portland

That day
as if it were yesterday
stands still in my mind
and calmly puts up with
I remember it was a tilting
Wild fury
That came off the Atlantic. First
were the wendigo winds of the
carrying with them
Arctic whispers,
harpoons and blubber lamps.

The docks were dashed in the
Of a thousand sea creatures

And crabs,
their insides failed from too long
out of water
Curled tight like fists
in the netted traps on the pier
their eyes black beads of curious horror.

We lean ourselves
into the gale
on tiptoe
Gravity’s hold easing off until
only the fingers of our feet
Touch the fraying boards.

Then it subsides.
We stumble forward,
The laughter, like a too-small catch,
torn from our mouths and thrown back
into the froth.

A scarf is lost, but there is no point
in trying to track it.
We retreat
to thermoses of hot tea
and peanut butter Saltines.

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