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Angelrox apparel is perfect for hanging out in town or traveling to faraway places

Roxi Suger started her fashion line, Angelrox, with “American comfort” at the forefront of her mind. The line, which she first launched in New York City, came with her to Maine in 2013 when she opened Suger, a shop on Alfred Street in Biddeford that sells the Angelrox line and a host of cool apparel, jewelry and accessories made by other designers. Last spring, she opened her second store on Commercial Street in Portland.

Angelrox apparel featured: The Wrap ($158) in moss bamboo, Cardigan ($158) in mineral, Flirt dress ($128) in espresso, Prima ($98) in mineral, Wifey ($68) in black, Lace Base ($98) in black, Aria Sleeves ($22) in mahogany, Opera Sleeves ($28) in espresso, Hourglass ($38) in olive. Photo by Lauryn Hottinger

The entire Angelrox line is hand cut and stitched by her “wonderful, hard-working team in the historic Pepperrell textile mill of Biddeford, Maine,” she says. The clothes are stylish and comfortable—offering function and form—and are made from all-natural fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton. In addition to the plant-based fiber, the colors of the line hint at nature. The blue-gray of the deep sea, the deep green of spruce, the strong purple of an eggplant.

Angelrox offers non-traditional sizing, too, that is “inspired by joy instead of judgment.” There is no “small, medium or large” to be found, but ”bird, song and joy” instead. Suger says she recognizes each woman for her individuality—an individuality that should be celebrated.

Photo by Lauryn Hottinger

The clothes make for excellent “non-restrictive comfy base layers” that allow your skin to breathe and allow you to move.

Some pieces have extra touches to make you feel great in them. Such is the case with the playsuit, which offers gentle support in the tummy and bum area and can be layered for comfort.

And best of all, they travel well. Suger chooses “cozy stretch knits that support and flow,” she says. The pieces—such as the formal wrap of the cardigan—look polished but feel as comfortable as your favorite pajamas. And the stretch knit pieces can easily be rolled up and tucked into your luggage.

Photo by Lauryn Hottinger

Another unique Angelrox item: stockings for forearms and calves. They’re actually perfect traveling companions as temperature conditions change on the plane, while driving or when you get to your destination. (Wear them over your arms to stay warm during the flight, then easily tuck them away in your purse or carry-on.)

“Being able to engineer a simple bit of cloth into something that can transform the way a woman feels about herself is powerful and humbling,” says Suger.

Suger’s locations are: 25 Alfred St., Biddeford and 271 Commercial St., Portland. Along with a full clothing line, you will find shoes, handbags, gifts and leather gifts for men. For more info or to shop online:

Pro packing tips from Roxi

1. Roll your outfits together as one and bind them with a hair band. You will feel extremely organized when you reach your destination and outfit planning is done.

2. Wear items with pockets to keep all your goodies such as money, phone and identification close at hand. The pockets on the coca blazer make it the perfect layering piece for easy travel.

3. Save space with fabrics like Angelrox’s stretch knit pieces that pack small and lose their wrinkles with the heat of your body while you wear them.

4. Prioritize versatility. A favorite Angelrox design is the wrap, which can be worn as a shawl, vest, skirt or dress, depending on your mood or the occasion.

Katie Bingham-Smith is a writer, shoe addict and mother living in Bowdoinham. She pays her kids to rub her feet and never turns down anything with caffeine.

Editor’s note: Roxi Suger is a member of the Maine Women Magazine advisory board.

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