Time management tips for working moms

The responsibility of raising a family while maintaining a career is never easy. Working moms often wish there were more time in the day to spend with their families or get more done at the office. While there’s no way women can add a 25th hour to their days, there are ways to manage your time more effectively so you can get around to doing those things you never seem to have the time to do.

• Get a head start. Perhaps no time of day is more hectic for a working mother than the morning. To make mornings less frantic, get a head start the night before by laying out the next day’s clothes for you and encouraging your kids to do the same. Preparing lunches, packing a gym bag and even setting the coffee maker can all be done the night before to save you time and make mornings more relaxing.

• Prepare or even cook meals in advance. The days of yore when mom cooked all the meals are largely a thing of the past, as nowadays both parents tend to share cooking duties. Moms can cut down on the time it takes to serve up family meals on weeknights by cooking meals in advance. Or purchase a slow cooker that slowly cooks your meal all day while you’re out and about.

• Share the work. Sharing your workload pertains to both home and the office. At home, don’t feel like you have to be a superhero capable of handling all of the household tasks like cooking, cleaning and walking the dog on your own. Share these responsibilities with your spouse and even your children when they’re old enough. At the office, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your coworkers or ask for favors from coworkers who might be able to help.

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