Through thick and thin

Since so much of our time is spent in creating, building, managing and dissolving relationships, we have devoted this issue of Maine Women to that theme. Relationships can be complicated, fun, demanding, easy, loving or torturous. Every day we interact with family, co-workers, spouses, friends and clients. Most of these interactions go on without much thought or effort, and usually have a fairly natural balance. Other times, though, a relationship (for many reasons) can dominate every aspect of our lives.

Remember falling in love for the first time? Or the last time? The relationship you have with your spouse or significant other is often the most important one in your life. So many things can impact that relationship, and we touch on some of them in this issue of Maine Women. Sex is a big one. In her story, “Just do it,” on page 5, writer Faith Gillman explores the different phases of sex in a woman’s life. Sex can often make or break a relationship, and when it’s the latter, we may find ourselves needing some good divorce advice. Learn more on page 19.

My favorite relationship story in this issue of Maine Women is the one on page 10 about BFF’s. I have a BFF (Best Friend Forever) that I met on the first day of kindergarten in 1965. She and I have been through just about every life event together that anyone goes through in a stretch of almost 50 years. We went from pre-school, through elementary and middle and on into high school, marking each milestone, from first communion to first date, along the way. There were the all-night parties and the early morning walks, graduations, weddings, funerals, and so much more. When my children were little, my friend – childless by choice – would come and hang with us and do all the things that young parents do with their kids. To my kids, she is a second mom of sorts, present for all of their milestones (good and bad) in their growing years.

We don’t live just around the corner from each other anymore, but for 50 years, we have laughed and cried through every major life event possible. We know each other too well. One Saturday afternoon last summer I was out for walk and my phone rang. I saw it was my friend on the caller ID and I immediately knew there was something terribly wrong. She doesn’t call me. Though we communicate several times a week in various ways, she never calls me – unless something is wrong. I answered and said, “What’s wrong?” She laughed through the tears – her brother (and my pseudo brother) had just had a major heart attack.

I hope you have a BFF, one who has been with you through the proverbial “thick and thin,” who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself. And, I hope you enjoy reading all of the stories we’ve put together in this issue of Maine Women. Let us know.

– Lee Hews, Publisher

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