Shannon Bryan and her scarf

November marks my favorite time of year: scarf season (and turtleneck season and made-for-TV holiday-themed romantic comedy season). But mostly it’s about the scarves. And my favorite scarf (in fact, one of my favorite wearable things whatsoever) is this houndstooth snap scarf with suede trim made by Portland’s own Alysia Zoidis, owner of East End Cupcakes. It screams fall, to be sure, but I also feel smashing wearing it. I walk with a smidge more pizazz with this scarf wrapped around my neck, and that feels good.

shannon-bryan-scarf-2If you’re interested in buying a scarf of your own, check out Alysia’s Etsy page: Scarves run $40-$60.

Maybe it’s a pair of jeans worn to the peak of comfort or a homemade bracelet gifted by a friend. Maybe it’s a pair of running shoes or a violin or sleeping bag that’s kept you warm on every camping trip you’ve been on since you were a teenager. Whatever it is–whether it’s wearable or not–we all seem to have something we simply love. And we want to know what makes you feel fantastic, powerful, on top of the world. In coming issues of Maine Women Magazine, we’ll highlight you in these pages. Email and tell us what thing makes you feel fantastic.

Shannon Bryan is the editor of Maine Women Magazine.

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