Tara Bucci & her father’s ruby ring

When my father passed away, my mother handed down to me his ruby pinky ring. It was a symbol of a hardworking man who cherished life, his family and tradition. I greatly appreciated the ring, not for the monetary value, but for the memories attached to it.

After having the ring for many months, it being put away in a safe and secure place, I realized I was not honoring my father by simply storing it. That is when I turned to my friend, artist and jeweler Lisa Gent.

Together we designed a new ring that would incorporate the beautiful ruby, while also making it durable for daily and outdoor wear. Lisa’s distinct eye for creating natural features in her jewelry, combined with my father’s cherished ruby, makes this piece the thing I LOVE.

Tara Bucci is a teacher who lives in Cape Elizabeth with her husband, Jeff, and adventurous 6-year-old son Jed. They enjoy spending their winter weekends on Moosehead Lake snowmobiling and ice fishing, and their summer months lobstering in Casco Bay and exploring the tide pools of Kettle Cove for crabs.

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