The young lawyer: From law to life coaching, a wide array of passions

The young lawyer: From law to life coaching, a wide array of passions

Chelsea Callanan



Attorney and life coach,

Chelsea Callanan isn’t the type who slows down much.

As the young attorney with Portland-based Murray Plumb and Murray acknowledges on her website HappyGoLegal, “I am a lawyer on a mission. Okay, so I am actually on several missions.”

Those include, most notably, her law career, through which she strategizes with small- to medium-size businesses, and her work as an accredited life coach, through which she mentors and seeks to encourage young lawyers. But it also includes running her website (with her husband and fellow lawyer, Zeke Callanan), and performing volunteer work (most recently with the Bates Dance Festival, and Maine Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts).

If all that isn’t enough, she and her sister, Kimberley Jacques, won a startup business competition early last year through the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council. The award was more than $80,000 in cash and in-kind services that ultimately launched Lewiston-based Revelation Massage, which now employs more than a dozen (and which Callanan co-owns).

“I don’t have a family yet,” the 29-year-old graduate of University of Maine School of Law said of her seemingly boundless energy, “so I can throw myself into things that I think are strong foundations for my future.”

Throughout her wide array of passions, Callanan is most drawn to working with small business owners, female business owners and new law professionals. At Murray Plumb and Murray, she focuses on corporate law and intellectual property law, helping businesses strategize “from the ground up,” as they expand, transition and face everyday business challenges. She’s also involved with branding strategies and trademark protection.

“I feel very passionately about small business as a driver in the state and elsewhere,” she said. “I buy local, I shop local, I support local. I feel strongly that our community should be working together.”

Meanwhile, last December, she and her husband became accredited as life coaches. In that role, Callanan strives to share her skills and experiences through one-on-one mentoring, as well as through HappyGoLegal, which offers tips and advice related to work-life balance, career planning and searching, and the everyday stresses that lawyers face.

“The goal is to put out really honest resources and content,” she explained.

Ultimately, she sees HappyGoLegal as becoming something “bigger than me,” encompassing more coaches, more support, and reaching a wider swath of individuals.

“I think the best part of any day for me, whether it be from a coaching client or a law client, is getting an email that just says ‘Thank you,’” Callanan said. “The folks that I do get a connection with, I feel that I am making a difference.”

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