The Story of You

The Story of You

Oh, but you do have wings dear one,
she whispered.

They are there protecting you,
shielding you from the darkness,
keeping you safe and warm.

Now close your eyes,
and if only for a moment.

Can you feel the weight of your wings,
gently pressing against your back?

Can you hear the familiar sounds they make?

There is no reason to rush,
you will find them and you will learn to fly.

You will fly to your place little bird,
over that rainbow.

A place where the light, shines on your soul.

A place where you find comfort in your sorrow,
a pathway to peace.

A place of knowing in your heart,
that grief is now part of your story.

A story that is uniquely yours.

A story that began with your mother,
the story of you.

By Annie Gregori, Portland

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