The Homeopathy of Love

The Homeopathy of Love
By Wren Davis Pearson, Pownal

I want to tell you something about love

It doesn’t break clean when it goes
but leaves you full of splinters

wood, glass, filings
and you’re pulling it out for years
first the big shards but then smaller
and smaller and smaller
until you need a microscope or a telescope
to pinpoint exactly where that tiny feeling of sadness
is still waiting for extraction

because glass doesn’t decay
shrapnel doesn’t dissolve

And even when you have removed that final thorn
sometimes the memory of it still remains
like the feeling of a lost limb

But it’s the memory of a memory
twice removed
and it becomes remedy
an internal homeopathy now devoid of physical properties
of the original pain

Now it is essence
it is intention distilled out of sadness
and the beginning molecules of love


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