Thanks, moms, for the wisdom

Thanks, moms, for the wisdom

Let me officially welcome the spring season to Maine by putting away my boots and taking out my sandals. Finally. I have come to work today without socks on, free at last!

This issue of Maine Women is about moms. Whether you are a mom or not, you have to love our cover shot of Nellie Savage and her three beautiful babies. You will find her story on page 15. As a mom, I completely enjoyed reading every word in this issue. Amy Canfield’s piece on being considered an “old mom” is just hysterical (page 6), and the essays from readers about their moms (page 8) were so touching that I was compelled to write one about my own mother. Another favorite of mine in this issue is Nancy Grape’s Long View column (page 18). This month we are reminded that no matter what else is going on, moms are on the job 24/7.

I’ve gained a little wisdom about mothering after being one for 22 years. First, the best piece of advice I ever received was from a woman named Faith, whom I worked with at a newspaper in York County when my girls were 4 and 7 years old. I asked her how she managed to have such a good relationship with her own teenage daughters. “Always remember what it was like for you at that age,” Faith told me. “Try hard to remember yourself when you were 12, 15, 19 – whatever age – and it will help you to keep things in perspective with your own daughters.” I have used and re-used this advice, all along the way, and it has served me well. Thank you, Faith.

I’ve raised the two most wonderful daughters in the world. They have given back to me more than I could have ever imagined. And though we have not always been pretty, perfect, or appropriate, we have always loved and respected each other, and today I am proud to call these two beautiful young women my daughters and my friends. As a young woman, I was ambivalent about being a mom. I’m happy to report that I have completely loved every step of the journey and here to say that for me, every age and every stage that my kids went through got better and better and that continues to be the case. And now, I am doubly blessed to have two really terrific stepdaughters who add joy, fullness and lots of laughs to my life. For me, being a mom has been and is the most rewarding and fulfilling part of life.

On another subject, based on the feedback we received from our last issue of Maine Women, our “entrepreneurial” issue, readers really enjoyed our success stories of the dozen women we featured. I’ve gotten calls, emails, letters and Facebook posts from women all over Maine and New England about this particular issue. As a result of what we perceive to be strong reader interest, we are going to feature a woman entrepreneur in each issue of Maine Women in a new column called Women’s Work. This month, based on a reader recommendation, we are spotlighting Catherine Carty-Wilbur, the co-owner of Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections. Check out her story on page 20. And, please continue to send us your ideas and suggestions for other strong Maine women entrepreneurs. We love it.

Thanks to all who have shared their experiences with us.

— Lee Hews, Publisher

Lee Hews, The Publisher

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