Terrill Waldman: Playing With Color


Color is my thing. It is so infinitely inspiring and expresses all the other things I love, like botanicals, food and toys….anime, bugs, etc. I’ve worked with glass for 30 years and share a studio with my husband, who is also a glass blower. In my studio practice, I love to repeat variations of the same process, playing with color density and proportion endlessly until I can fine tune something that holds light and color in an animated way. As I’ve continued working over the years, I’ve discovered that many of the very simple techniques and processes I work with, when pushed through all their many variations, can yield something very original. I especially love color that is a “bridge” appearing to shift from, say, yellow to orange depending on what it is next to. I’ll often treat a color as a yellow or a green by placing it next to a certain color that can “shift” it. Using color this way gives me a nerdy sense of omnipotence. I love horrible colors and there is nothing that makes me happier than to take a color that is horrible and tweak it into something amazing. With my glass work, I “build” all the glass rods through a layering process that can really shift colors around and get very painterly. There is something about playing with color and layering, pattern and proportion that does something so profound to my brain. It makes me so happy!

Terrill Waldman at her studio, Tandem Glass, in Dresden. Photo by Molly Haley

Terrill Waldman started blowing glass at Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan as a high school student and has spent as much time as she could in glass studios ever since. She currently owns and operates Tandem Glass studio and gallery in midcoast Maine with her husband, Charlie Jenkins, who is also a glass artist. For more info: tandemglass.com, facebook.com/tandem.glass

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