Susan Pye & Burt the Mustang


Three years ago, I adopted Burt, a 3-year-old mustang who had been captured in Wyoming as a foal. After losing my first horse, Finn, I ended up at Ever After Mustang Rescue in Biddeford with the intent of adopting a horse with saddle experience. After working with a couple of the other horses and not feeling a fit, I asked to work with Burt, who had recently arrived at the rescue—and that was it. I’m not a horse trainer, but I decided I was going on this journey of training a horse, and soon after I signed the adoption papers. A year later, I had sold my condo, bought a house in Pownal and moved Burt home.

Burt is now 6, easily charms people and is a very curious and smart fellow. I’m still working on my horse training and Burt is patient and forgiving. It has been a journey of discovery and slow training. I have learned far more than I have taught Burt, and I don’t mean just about horse training. I have become a calmer, more patient person, and I may have lost some of my type A personality—but not all! It’s hard to describe this journey, but nothing beats walking into the pasture and having Burt walk up to me and sniff my face, or going on our first trail ride knowing how far we have come. It’s about far more than riding—although we are still working on progressing with that—it’s about building trust and having a partnership. I’ve also had to overcome some confidence issues after a couple of small falls, but I believe in riding, as in life, getting back in the saddle after the hard landings allows us truer growth.

Burt and Pye live in Pownal. They have not gone it alone on all their training as they have had the guidance of some of the best trainers in Maine. Pye works in Portland as a financial advisor. Burt resides in the pasture with Rockin, a Tennessee Walking Horse.

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