Success requires passion, planning

Success requires passion, planning

Having a plan, according to the dozen or so women interviewed in this issue of Maine Women, is one of the most important aspects of starting a business. Without exception, these women had a plan, they had a vision, and they had passion for the work they wanted to do.

This issue of Maine Women is devoted women entrepreneurs in Maine. In these pages, you will meet a group of women who followed their dreams, made sacrifices, and worked hard to start their own business. We chose these woman based on recommendations from readers, colleagues and friends, and the dozen we are highlighting represent a broad spectrum of career choices.

As I read through the profiles, the same words kept coming up in the answers to the four questions that we asked each woman. We wanted to know how they got started in their business; who or what inspired them early on; if they thought there were specific advantages or disadvantages to being a woman in their journey to become entrepreneurs; and what they had for advice to others. Most of the women we talked to mentioned “passion” for their work as a driving force. Beyond passion and having a plan, the other responses varied as much as the women who gave them.

Certainly, I can relate to being a woman entrepreneur in Maine. This year, my company, Current Publishing, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. I started this business and continue to run it with great passion for getting good and important information to specific communities of people. Initially, and still predominantly, these communities were geographic in nature and are best served by the strong and focused community journalism in our six weekly papers. The other communities we speak to are not geographic at all, but theme specific, like this Maine Women magazine.

As a big magazine reader, I saw the need for a locally written magazine of general interest to women in Maine. Food Etc. is another one of our specialty magazines and is devoted to another passion of mine – food. And, we also publish My Generation, our monthly baby boomer section; and 95 North, our summer travel guide. One of my co-workers once said, “Really, these magazines are all about you.” And, indeed they are.

So, like the women featured in this issue of Maine Women, I had a plan – and continue to plan every week, month and year. And, like my counterparts here, I had strong support from many friends, family and associates. But for me, the strongest support came from the people we serve in publishing all of our newspapers and magazines – our readers and advertisers. Good, bad and in between, mine is a business that offers constant feedback – and I like that.

So, bring it on. Let me know what you think of this issue of Maine Women. You can, by the way, find us on Facebook and

–Lee Hews, Publisher

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Lee Hews, The Publisher

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