So young, so accomplished, and so inspiring

Every year, the young women featured in our Emerging Leaders issue of Maine Women magazine amaze me with their accomplishments. Leaders are defined in the dictionary as people who guide, influence, direct and show the way. With these words in mind, I read all of the profiles in this issue. These women are hard working, talented, passionate, and quite amazing in their accomplishments.

At 29, Emily Carrington is the newly hired city clerk for the city of South Portland. This is a big job. And Emily seems poised and ready for the challenge. “The two best indicators of leadership potential are curiosity and resourcefulness,” Emily believes. Read more of her story on page 5.

I’m sure you, like me, have one or two young women who come to mind who inspire you as leaders. It’s often confidence, genuine ability, thoughtfulness, and passion that make us look upon another as a leader. In a younger woman, these things stand out even more. Take a look at 17-year-old Nicole Maines. You can read her story on page 9. Maines is a transgender female who is literally changing the world with her passion. Hers is not only a personal mission. Maines is working to create environments and opportunities where other transgender youth can gain acceptance and thrive. Her future plans include continuing to promote social change and striving to make a difference in her community.

Cynthia Walker, director of the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk, advises not to “dwell on failure.” Walker, 30, has her path set on a lifetime of storytelling through history. (See page 7).

At 26, Sarah Gordon (page 10) devotes her life to helping others to be safe and happy. She spends her time with domestic violence victims, young female students, and also holds weekly discussion groups for girls at Long Creek Youth Development Center. In the next several months she and her colleagues plan to visit more than 30 high schools, middle schools, colleges and other organizations throughout Cumberland County to educate students on topics such as healthy relationships, media literacy and digital dating.

I think you will be inspired by these and all of the young leaders in this issue. Let us know your thoughts. And, look for the next issue of Maine Women on the stands just before the Christmas holiday. Enjoy!

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