Sharing stories

Sharing stories

Over the holidays I had the good fortune to spend time with some out-of-town friends who will be celebrating the second birthday of their twin girls next week. Their story is an interesting one. They are both retired Air Force. For both it is their third marriage. For the mom, who just turned 40, these are her only children; for the dad, who just turned 50, these little girls come with a 30-year spread between them and their half-siblings. Life has certainly changed for my friends.

The change didn’t come easy. The babies were conceived via in vitro fertilization, after several attempts and many miscarriages. This couple used the mom’s sister as an egg donor, who, coincidentally, had her first child about six months after her nieces were born. My friend had raised her sister after their mom had died, which just lends an even deeper meaning to their story. This is a story of deep love and commitment between sisters and between husband and wife, that has created a whole new generation.

We all have stories, our own or those of friends, family and acquaintances, about conceiving, carrying, delivering, and, of course, raising babies. In this issue of Maine Women we bring you stories, information, humor, good recipes, advice, and more. I think you will enjoy reading about the Turnquist family on page 16 who, like my friends, conceived their beautiful children after some struggle and loss. You will also meet a gestational carrier, a surrogate mom who, in my opinion, gives the ultimate gift to other women who are unable to conceive or carry their children naturally. Read about Kelley Hodgman-Burns and the wonderful family she helped create on page 4.

Though this issue of Maine Women has a theme of Pregnancy and Childbirth, we hope we have a little bit of something for all of our readers. In this, and every issue, you will find regular columns like Cooking 101, Table Talk, Lightly Roasted, Catching Health, and an OB/GYN specialty. Our next issue, Business, Money, & Careers, will be on the stands March 18. Between now and then, we will be updating our website at will be in touch via Facebook often. Please let us know you “like” us and stay in touch.

– Lee Hews, Publisher

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