Sarah Hubert: A Life of Education and Guiding

Sarah Hubert: A Life of Education and Guiding

Sarah Hubert: A Life of Education and Guiding

As told to Alisha Goslin

I grew up in Pittston, near Gardiner. I still live here. My parents moved here in the early 70’s from New Jersey. They bought 100 acres. Growing up, we never went to campgrounds. My dad would always have a tent set up in the backyard in the summer. He built a firepit and an area to pitch the tent in the woods. So, we just had 100 acres to explore. 

I attended Camp Mechuwana. I started there in second grade. I went all the way up through high school. While I was there we did the Appalachian Trail. In middle school, I did Baxter hikes, Acadia National Park. In high school I was part of the Gardiner High School Outing Club. Every year we went hiking on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Maine. We went for 2 weeks, April vacation and the week after. I just love being outdoors so I took all the opportunities there were to be outside. 

I was going into my senior year of high school. My family and I were at an outdoors sporting show at the armory in Augusta. This gentleman had a booth with a sign that said Master Maine Guide Class. I was 17. The class was happening over the summer that I was turning 18. My dad paid for it. He passed away in January of 2015. My dad was a very frugal person, he never paid for anything, so I knew that he was investing in something for me. The guide class was in Winthrop, near Mechuwana. I would ride my bike to class. I took the class, and then I took the test. The guide test is known for not being easy. I took it a couple times, and passed when I was 19.

I went to College of the Atlantic. I was hoping to do wilderness medicine, you know, outdoor stuff. While I was in college, I worked at Mechuwana. I led the freshman orientation one year, and picked up some side jobs as a guide. I got my teaching certificate. I have now been in education for 21 years. Throughout that time, I have brought different groups of kids on hikes. I have also been a lifeguard since high school. 

I never had my own Maine Guide business. I did most of it through summer camps or scouts. I think, getting my Maine Guide license, it was just a thing I could do. I think back and if my dad hadn’t paid for me to do it, would I have?

In 2014 I went with a friend who worked for Adventure Bound, white water rafting. They do a lot of overnight trips. I was asked by John Philbrick to help with those. He just kind of quietly said to me, “I just need an older person to help the young 20 year olds because they are just all, ‘let’s go!,’ and need someone to pretty much watch over them.” 

Last summer, I ended up doing moose tours for Jeremy Hargreaves at Northeast Whitewater, which is so cool. Totally different than working with kids. It’s a 4 hour trip. Drive for an hour or so. Canoe a remote pond for an hour. Look for moose. If we don’t see moose, I tell them, this is an awesome experience. You’re out here in the middle of the northern Maine wilderness, it’s a beautiful summer evening in Maine and we are just so lucky to experience it. 


My guiding career has kind of picked up since 2015 when my dad passed away. When you spend a lot of time outdoors, you do a lot of thinking…and I just feel blessed. I sincerely feel blessed that when I was 18, my dad paid for those guiding classes. The friendships I’ve made, the connections I have made along the way. It’s just amazing. 


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