Sarah Chadbourne Treats Every Kitchen Project like It is for Her Family

Sarah Chadbourne Treats Every Kitchen Project like It is for Her Family

Sarah Boynton Chadbourne worked at her father’s Sunoco station in downtown Kennebunk when she was a teenager. She spent countless hours every summer pumping gas, changing tires, and building relationships with customers. Sometimes it was as simple as helping elderly drivers adjust their seat or giving a visitor directions, she says the most important thing she learned was that hard work and great customer service are the keys to success. 

Today, Sarah owns All About Kitchens of Kennebunk, just a few miles down the road from her dad’s service station. She talks about how those early life lessons laid a foundation for her own success. In fact, both of her parents were small-business owners, and Sarah learned a great deal from them. 

Joking, she said, “I had a pretty good education about why I shouldn’t own my own business, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

Customers from all over York County and beyond have come to her to design their kitchens and bathrooms. Using her education and experience as a designer, she helps customers identify their style and design objectives. She also works closely with a team of local contractors who assist in the installation of everything from cabinets to countertops. On the right day at her storefront, you may be greeted by the friendly face of Ranger, the rescue dog she and her husband, Eben, adopted. 

“I like to be present on jobs throughout the process when possible so I can clarify and answer questions that arise; as well as check progress and that the overall design and installation meets client satisfaction.’’ 

Initially, Sarah’s career as a kitchen designer took off when she came to work for the previous owner of All About Kitchens of Kennebunk in 2014. She had grown up in Kennebunk and earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Interior Design at Syracuse University in upstate New York. 

When she graduated, she had visions of entering the commercial sector of interior design. At that time, the economy was in a recession, so she found work locally for a timber framer, creating construction documents and space planning.  

Today, Sarah draws on this experience when working with her carpenters and subcontractors to give her a better understanding of how an installation will come together. 

In August 2019, Sarah got the opportunity to buy All About Kitchens of Kennebunk and she went for it.  

Becoming a new business owner isn’t an easy decision, but by that time, she had the experience, vision and passion for the business. As she puts it, “I absolutely love what I’m doing, and I like helping people.” 

Sarah understands that kitchen remodeling is a major investment for her customers. The kitchen is the hub of a household, for gathering and entertaining, as well as for cooking and eating. Knowing that people spend an enormous amount of time in their kitchens, Sarah brings all her experience and design skills to the job. 

“I treat every kitchen as if I am installing it in my own house,” she says. 

And at any given time, All About Kitchens of Kennebunk has a variety of projects in the works. The projects range from remodels to new builds, all with different styles and timelines, which Sarah enjoys. She offers her customers competitive pricing and high-quality products for cabinetry, hardware, and countertops. The great advantage a customer has when they do business with All About Kitchens of Kennebunk, is that they get to work directly with Sarah, and they experience a one-on-one partnership throughout the entire process. 

“After the design concept is in place, I like the technical part of how it all comes together . . .  working with great contractors in this area,” she says. 

Sarah looks forward to continued growth for her business and her brand here in Maine. Her strong work ethic and commitment to helping customers are the foundations of her success. These qualities have been developed and proven over many years of experience, stretching back to her dad’s service station. 

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Photos courtesy of Autumn Wells

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