Sandy Duross & her purple basketball

There are those who may question the ability to “love” an inanimate object, but to those who doubt, I submit they’ve never seen or held my purple and magenta basketball! To this 75-year-old body housing the memory of a 25-year-old vigorous, athletic self, my relationship with this colorful, pigmented rubber ball is one to behold. It is somewhat akin to that faithful friend who is not only present, but who keeps “bouncing back” with you through whatever challenge or adversity life may present. Though relegated now to a “junior size” version to accommodate weakness in my hands and arms, my purple basketball knows and shares the joy of all-net swishes and hook shots and an occasional three-pointer from outside the key. However limited I may be, while nestled in the palm of my hands, this thing I love reminds me to never give up, to keep shooting for that elusive slam dunk, to be me. Now pray tell, what is there not to love?

Sandy is a poet, a singer with Tri-City Community Chorus for 17 years (who recently performed a song she wrote set to music by Elli Gray Lisa) and seeks to be an ambassador of positivity in overcoming adversity in all aspects of life and becoming the person you were meant to be.

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