Read their lips: Don’t give up!

Read their lips: Don’t give up!

Wow – take a look at this huge and beautiful issue of Maine Women! These pages are packed with great stories about successful women in Maine. Take your time, pour a cup of tea or glass of wine, and sit back and enjoy.

A few things struck me as I was reading the profiles of successful women entrepreneurs (chosen from reader suggestions and recommendations from friends and colleagues). First, the commitment to “never give up” was a common theme for many of these women. “Keep your eye on the goal,” someone said. Speaking from own personal experience with starting and growing a business, I would say that this is definitely an important attribute. Just keep going, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.

Another common thread with these women is networking. Almost every woman we talked to said that one of the big keys to getting started and being successful is seeking advice, building relationships, and networking. Find mentors, business advisers and others in the same business area, who are usually more than happy to help. I’ll put a plug in here for my friends at SCORE. According to Nancy Strojny, chapter chairwoman in Portland, “Maine has a higher-than-average share of female entrepreneurs.” Read more about this on page 5. I can speak again from my own personal experience, SCORE and other organizations are a huge help in starting out and to check in with along the way.

While I’m putting plugs in here for great allies to women in business, I want to mention the Smart Girls Way. Please check them out at and order the first issue of their book featuring 100 women entrepreneurs across the country. I am more than thrilled to be one of the women involved and have so enjoyed reading everyone’s inspiring stories. I think the book should be a must-read for women entrepreneurs.

This is always a popular issue of Maine Women magazine, so much so that we try to include at least one profile of successful women in the other nine issues that we publish throughout the year. As always, you can log on to our Facebook page – – any time and post your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Lee Hews, Publisher

Lee Hews, The Publisher

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