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I invited my mother to live with me for the duration of quarantine. We’ve gotten along well, but I keep catching her drinking my wine without permission. I’ve asked her to stop, but she keeps making excuses, like, “Oh, I only had a bit,” and “I was using it to cook for both of us!” Is there a way to put a stop to this?


If you are really concerned, inform her that you never tasted it at all in last night’s cream-of-beets casserole, but nice try anyway. Then tell her you’ve looked up the closest address of your local AA meetings, and you’ll gladly be her designated driver. These ideas may not work, so my next bit of advice is to stash your hootch in your lawn mower’s grass catcher. Also, don’t forget this factoid, that during the pandemic, adult drinking is up 14 percent. Is she within that margin of the new normal? If so, consider this plan: have a glass with her, bond, and share.    

My company just got everyone new desks . . . standing desks. I don’t have a medical problem, but it’s still very uncomfortable to stand all day. My coworkers don’t seem to mind, and my friends don’t think it’s that big a deal. Would it cross a line to quit over this?


Quit? Why give up a job you may love and need over this silly issue?  Splurge on a nicely padded tall bar stool with arms and a back, have it delivered to your office, and get back to work.

My birthday is coming up, and my husband is trying to plan a big party—virtually, of course! He doesn’t understand that I just don’t like the attention. Part of me thinks the party is as much for the other people as it is for me, though. Should I just grin and bear it?


You’ve thanked him lovingly and told him “NO THANKS!”? and he still insists you suffer through a virtual-or-not birthday party? No. Do not “grin and bear it.” On your birthday, grin and go to Bermuda.

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