Putting Love By

The sun’s full and bright overhead,
the ocean gleaming blue.
Perfect for bare feet
and bared hearts.

Summer is at its peak.
The air is saturated with moisture;
calendars are saturated with activity.
The hum of life is tangible in a way that’s
characteristic of the season.

From their terra cotta pots
the nasturtiums bloom relentlessly,
offering bright jewels of orange and gold.
Ruby tomatoes, in their nearby beds
fall from the vine with cracks in their skins;
so ripe and ready that they burst at the seams.

Will our love always be as sweet as a summer tomato?
So ripe? So ready?
Who can say, really…

But I’m in this for the long haul.
I’m doing what I do best –
planning ahead.
I’ve got my two hands ready
with my Mason jars and freezer bags.

After I blanch beans and corn to freeze for winter
I’ll tuck in a warm hug and a gentle smile.
As I peel tomatoes to can some sweet sauce,
I’ll sneak a kiss or two in each jar.
When I make pesto and pickles,
I’ll be sure to add patience, kindness, and a lighthearted laugh.

While I’m busy putting food by
I’ll put my love by.
Storing the season’s abundance
to see us through the slow descent into autumn,
and the long, cold winter ahead.

Emily Eschner, Portland

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