PUBLISHER’S NOTE: September 2020

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: September 2020

Well, can you believe the summer breeze will soon begin to bring a crisp smell in the air of fall?

As you look forward to your unsettled fall plans, praise yourselves for making it through the summer of 2020 with grace, during these unprecedented times.

You’ve had days filled with fear of the unknown … and together, we have learned that the unknown is what we have in common.

One day! Yes, making it through that one day with challenges the world has never seen. Fear of the unknown? We all have it deep within us.

Women teaching their children things they have never themselves learned before … encouraging them on how to live in a world that is unknown to all of us!

Well, you made it through the summer, and you will make it through the fall. We are such amazing adaptive folks, and the women of this world have always led the way.

Please keep a smile on your face. Remember that there is nothing stronger than a woman’s determination and grit.

The fall this year will be different, but you will make it great! Oh yes, I believe in women!

Much love to you all,

Mary Frances Barstow
Maine Women Magazine

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