Pausing to appreciate the spiritual in all of us


amaste is a greeting, most commonly heard in Maine at yoga practices. I say it a few times a week to various people in different yoga classes that I attend. I don’t know these people, and I do not see them at any other time or in any other place. Namaste in its most literal translation means something like, “The spirit within me salutes the spirit within you,” or “I bow to the spirit within you.” To me, it is a gesture and word that means, “I am taking a minute to think about you.”

I believe that if more of us could use this tool, or adopt this philosophy in our everyday lives, the world would be a better place. Too many times we are so focused on ourselves and so deep within our own heads, we miss the opportunity to appreciate the spirits in those around us.

A spiritual life is not always a religious life. But often, spirituality and religion do go hand in hand. In this issue of Maine Women we are talking about spirituality and the elements of body, mind and spirit as they come together in various ways. Are you curious about mandalas? If you, like me, are unfamiliar with this term, you can learn all about it in Janice Lindsay’s piece on page 14. She says that “traditional mandalas inspire both their maker and the viewer to contemplate her own nature and her place in the universe. A mandala is circular; the circle represents the universe. It contains a repeating pattern that draws someone into contemplation. Mandalas are most often associated with Eastern religions, but they appear in Christianity as well – rose windows in Gothic cathedrals, for example.”

Are you comfortable in your physical environment? If not, perhaps the feng shui energy is bad. I think there has been a lot of fun poked at this concept, but I certainly believe that our environment, the room or the house around us, plays a big part in how happy we are. To learn more about how feng shui might play a role in your life, read Taryn Plumb’s interview with Michelle Raymond of The Centric Home on page 21.

There is so much good energy and spirituality packed into this issue of Maine Women that I am sure you will find some element that touches something deep inside of you. Tell us what you think, and please take a minute to “like” us on Facebook and tell all your friends about Maine Women Magazine. Thanks for reading.

Lee Hews, Publisher

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