Not a whiff of regret

Not a whiff of regret

As defined by the World English Dictionary, a leader is “a person who rules, guides, or inspires others.” In this issue of Maine Women magazine, which is one of my favorite each year, we are featuring several very interesting emerging leaders from our readership area. These women, all 35 or under, meet the definition of leadership – and so much more.

I look forward to this issue each fall because it is so inspiring, and after reading the profiles about each of our emerging leaders, I pause to daydream a little and say, “What if.”

What if Anna Lombard had followed her plan to become a teacher? Would our local music scene be just a little less? Would Anna really ever feel fulfilled as a teacher? Who knows, but in reading her story, it seems to me that she took some significant risks to follow her passion – and it’s paying off for her in many ways.

What if Betsy Critchfield was a dentist instead of a young woman making a difference in a few lives each day, and probably the future of a community, by finding ways that city kids can walk to school every day. Betsy also answered the call from a place of passion to be involved in making a better community.

Anna Turcotte worked hard, I’m sure, to earn a master’s degree in social work, but after two years of practicing in her field, she gave it up to bake cupcakes and other desserts. Now, Anna spends her days (and nights) baking and selling her goods through her own food truck, and through various catering jobs. She is passionate, fulfilled, and successful in her work. She is an inspiration and a leader.

What if these women had not followed their hearts and pursued their passion? How many times do we hear our friends say things like, “I wish I had done …” – you can fill in the blanks – and hear the sigh in the voice of regret. As you read through the stories included in this issue, one thing you won’t hear is regret. These young women are natural leaders in pursuing their passions and setting a great example for everyone around them.

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Lee Hews, Publisher

Lee Hews, The Publisher

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