Publisher’s Note: March 2022

Publisher’s Note: March 2022

It’s March. Can you believe it? Before you know it, the air will change, the breeze will be warm again. A new beginning. Spring will come and new buds will pop out of the ground. We will be surrounded by the color of nature, bringing us new hope.

I can’t express how grateful I am for what these magazines —  Maine Women and Maine Seniors — have brought to me.

It’s always the people. Such light shines within each one of you. I have been so privileged to interview folks with such passion and grace. I have always chosen to answer the phone lines here. I never knew who would be calling and what their personal story was, and it turned out to be the greatest of blessings.

Please each one of you — don’t forget how your personal story matters. You matter. If you are feeling down, just remember that you are good. The heart within you makes you tick, makes you have the ability to walk down the road, smile at a child, and bring joy. Please make sure you always bring that joy to yourselves as well. Appreciate all you are. Smiling in your own mirror gets a sense of the light within you.

Thank you for all the beautiful letters you have sent to me. You have taken your precious time and energy to let me know how much all the wonderful folks we have featured have moved you.

I am so appreciative of the writers for their stories that have graced these pages.

For now, I am going on my next adventure. Not sure yet what that will be! Maybe reading a good book and enjoying some Irish Tea!

I especially wish to honor the folks that have been with me on this journey, including my childhood friend, Jim Kendrick, who graciously gave his time and genius to all of us to create these wonderful magazines for you. Alisha Goslin, an amazing managing editor. She has been a right arm, such a quality editor and a person with amazing caring and compassion.  And Christine Dunkle? My word, such talent and such a gift to this world. She has designed and created such visuals for us to enjoy each month in both magazines. And thanks to my past editors — Martha Bustin, for her brilliance – my dear Will Stinson, the talented Abigail Nelson, she was an extraordinary find. To Reade Brower for giving me the opportunity, and mostly all of you.

We will meet again in some story somewhere. Be good to yourselves. Forgive yourselves and remember that God loves you.

Much love, Mary Frances Barstow

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Mary Frances Barstow

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