Summer is here, with the earth and the wind smiling around us all. We feel the warmth. Even in hard times, it always brings out the joy and hope in all of us.

Every day is a beautiful day to celebrate. Let your smile be the warmth for those around you. You have the power to be the sunshine for others. This is a gift we all have.

This month Maine Women Magazine celebrates with pride Tri for a Cure, which helps to support the work of Maine Cancer Foundation. In Maine we are so fortunate to have Maine Cancer Foundation, which works ceaselessly to reduce the state’s cancer rates and to help those with cancer and their caregivers. We all have been touched by cancer, either firsthand, through the experiences of loved ones, or both. So many people—family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, community members—have had to face the extremely difficult challenges that cancer brings.

Maine Cancer Foundation has been there for thousands of Mainers, helping with services to ease their difficulties, supporting research, funding screening and clinical trials, and meeting the varying needs of Maine’s 16 counties in the fight against cancer. I encourage all of you, if possible, to make a donation, big or small, to help Tri for a Cure and Maine Cancer Foundation. For more information on the Maine Cancer Foundation or to make a donation, please go to or call 207-773-2533.

Enjoy and celebrate with us the wonderful stories about these women. I thank you all in advance for making the sun shine for others.

Embrace the wonderful wind of July, share the warmth in your heart, and joy will stay with you.

​Mary Frances Barstow
Maine Women Magazine


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