Publisher’s Note: December 2020

Publisher’s Note: December 2020

The end of the year is here. It’s time for a reflection of oneself. Make sure you are okay. Learn to let go of the outside noise . . . any pounding of discord in your space.

Remember you have to ability to stop the madness, before you become the madness. Smile, and bring joy to your own mirror.

I want to thank each one of you for spending this year with Maine Women Magazine. I embrace all of the letters you have sent to us.

Remember we are all so lucky to have each other, to be part of this miracle of life.

One of the stories that particularly struck me this month was the interview with our Lisa DiSisto, a woman of grand insight and incredible talent.

Hearing about Lisa’s journey to success was so moving. Reading how her mom gave her a helping hand brought me to tears.

All of us women have a gift. We know how to lend a hand. I encourage all of you this new season to reach out, to give that hand to someone in your family or circle of friends. See the difference you can make. Love creates grand things for the whole world to experience.

A big thank you to all our supporters this year, including our editors, Will Stinson and Martha Bustin. They make the magazine happen. And I send thanks to our marketing staff who all work so hard and to the incomparable Art Director, Christine Dunkle.

Mostly I thank all of you, for giving us ideas and keeping our magazine in your hearts.

Much love to each and every one of you,

Mary Frances Barstow
Maine Women Magazine

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