3 steps to sensational

3 steps to sensational

Here’s how to be fly as a motha on a moment’s notice, in three steps.

So you’re having an impromptu rendezvous with that hottie you ran into at Whole Foods, or maybe you’re meeting your S.O. for après-work patio cocktails. Let’s be real: We’d all love to get a pre-date makeup sesh and pro-blowout every week, but working that into the schedule and budget can be tricky. Plus, girls who can go from frump to fab in under 30 minutes get major bonus points for efficiency and low-maintenance sex appeal.

Here’s how to be fly as a motha on a moment’s notice, in three steps:

  1. The outfit. Think ahead for a quick day-to-night change. I tend to swap my shoes, purse and jacket – accessories are a fast, easy way to update your whole look. Jewelry tip: Trade in your daytime posts for something more befitting your nighttime lobes.
  2. The makeup. In this order: Freshen up under-eye concealer, brush on some bronzer or blush and toss on a set of lashes. (Yes, “regular people” wear these all the time – join the fun! You won’t feel overdone, I promise.) Not feeling lashes? Throw an extra coat of mascara right on top of your daywear.  
  3. The hair. We’re so lucky that texture and messy braids are in, especially since we’re moving toward outdoor dating activities. As a stylist and salon owner, I should be sending you to my salon for the latest hairstyles, but I must admit, there are a ton of super-sexy styles you can do at home with a quick YouTube search. Don’t strive for perfection. Your hair can be messy on purpose, especially if you’re rocking pumps and a killer bag. Sweep your hair to one side and throw together a three-strand braid, or try messy bun low below the ear.

Most importantly, you need to feel you look great and believe you can wear any look. Confidence is the key to looking effortlessly gorgeous, regardless of your outfit, makeup or hair. Own it, and you’ll nail it.

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