Pia Louise Capaldi: Creation

I am a raw and passionate human. I love being inspired in the moment—harnessing that deeply visceral feeling that rises through the body and eventually manifests as some sort of potent physical expression, be it a dance, painting or writing. As a seasoned improvisational dance artist and performer, I have always been delighted by the spontaneously wild nature of improv and the act of creation that’s based on feeling. I truly began to appreciate this way of creating when I let go of the idea of my art being a product, and I’ve learned to value the process rather than focus too much on preparing what it should be or should look like. There is something authentic, personal and connective when we create in the moment, where you and the audience are experiencing it together for the first time.

Photo by Lauryn Hottinger

I believe that the ability to be truly vulnerable with our fellow humans is where growth, empowerment and connection come from. It creates trust in a way that many of us can fear—there is no security blanket in being vulnerable. We don’t like things to be unpredictable, so we attempt to predict and choreograph them. I love being excited by how scary the unknown is because, in essence, what inspires and excites me is unknown and unpredictable. Being unafraid to just experience yourself in the moment, whatever comes out and whatever it looks like, and also be in love with it…that is possibly the deepest trust and most profound love that you could possibly have for yourself.

Photo by Lauryn Hottinger

That love and trust inspires me.

Pia Louise Capaldi is a spiritual mentor, workshop facilitator and sacred dance artist from Portland. Her goal is to help guide others towards a better understanding and awareness of who they are inside and help them to listen to it. Pia offers private intuitive guidance sessions and group workshops both locally and nationally. (pialouisecapaldi.com)

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