Perfectly timed leisure travel DO’S & DON’TS

When jetting off for a weeklong vacation, the last thing I want to worry about is how I look when I’m relaxing. Doing a little prep work in advance can eliminate primping time during those precious days reclining in the sun (or walking city streets or exploring historic places), so you can spend less time in front of the mirror and more time enjoying your trip.


DO get a lash lift—and leave the lash curler at home.

DO get lash tinting—you won’t need mascara for 3-4 weeks!

DO try eyelash extensions. If you can go all out, this is totally the way to go.

DO get microblading, but get it two months prior to avoid sun damage. Your brows will still be there when you get out of the pool, no pencil needed. If you don’t have two months to prepare—a brow tint is the next best thing!

DO use a daily darkening facial tanner, starting a week or two before. This will help ease the shock of the sudden spray tan to the face (see below.)

DON’T get facial waxing! Go for threading—you won’t have to worry about permanent sun damage (age spots or hyperpigmentation, yikes!).


DO get a bikini wax, but remember to wear sunscreen heavily on the bikini area. Waxing can cause hyperpigmentation when exposed immediately to the sun.

DO get a spray tan, and remember to use sunscreen. You won’t feel frosty upon arrival and by the end of the trip you’ll have some healthy color, rather than burning to a crisp trying to get a tan on the first day.


  1. Manicure and pedicure should come before a spray tan.
  2. Use a body buff or a strong exfoliator, or have a treatment at the spa.
  3. Spray tan last, just a day before you leave, if possible.

DO remember to tell your stylist that you’re going away and—if you’ll be in the sun and chlorine—to leave your highlights up to a full shade darker or more golden than usual. The sun will lighten them perfectly so you can avoid getting low-lights or a toner to correct the “too light” look we sometimes get from salt, sun and pool.

DO pack light! You probably won’t wear those high heels like you think you will—and is there anything really worth waiting for at baggage claim?

DO have the time of your life!

Alanna York has owned Head Games Salon for Hair & Body, based in Portland, for 17 years.

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