Pay no mind to the calendar


I don’t follow fashion rules. They’re too constricting and make me feel like my choices are limited. Besides, we don’t need someone else’s permission to wear what we love. Long gone are the old-fashioned rules about not wearing white after Labor Day or needing to match your shoes, belt and purse. That said, dressing ourselves as summer fades into fall can still be a challenge.

While it sure feels nice to pull out the scarves and blazers when that first crisp day arrives, it’s hard to let go of our favorite warm-weather pieces. But can you really pair a favorite summery skirt with a cashmere sweater? Yes. Yes you can.

We want our fashion to feel comfortable, and we also want to wear whatever we’d like, even if that means defying so-called “rules” of seasonal appropriateness and wearing a down vest or well-worn flannel with shorts and Bean boots. We’ll wear it because we WANT to.

The chilly mornings of early fall, which often turn into warmer afternoons, are perfect for wearing both your summer and autumn favorites. Pulling layers off and on can become our cardio as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, and hey, you get to showcase the best of both seasons.

Using some of your favorite staples, you can totally mix and match your summer favorites with heavier items. There is no right way to warm up your summer pieces with fall ones. If you are dying to wear your flowy linen pants with a wool sweater, you absolutely should. Because the ultimate goal here is to love the way you look.

Maybe I am a rebel, but I love mixing textures, and I pay no mind to the calendar when it comes to dressing myself.



If we are going to have a warm day in the fall, I love wearing shorts and throwing on a blazer. It’s comfortable and makes it look like you put a lot more effort into your outfit than you really did. Who said shorts are too casual to dress up??

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Pairing something fun and floral with cashmere or wool is a great way be able to wear it during the cooler months.

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I dread saying goodbye to my summer dresses. Boots, sneakers, flannels and little jackets make them last long into the autumn months.

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One of my favorite ways to transition a fun off-the-shoulder top is to pair it with jeans in the fall, instead of the shorts or skirt I choose in the summer.

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Wear your whites all year round. Pair them with wool and heavier textures; the contrast is super fun.

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Katie Bingham-Smith is a writer, shoe addict and mother living in Bowdoinham. She pays her kids to rub her feet and never turns down anything with caffeine.


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