Patients more than happy with Dr. Trudi Chase

Patients more than happy with Dr. Trudi Chase

Trudi Chase is not your “typical” oncology doctor. Ask any of her patients and they’ll use words like friend, advocate, sister, caretaker. Trudi interacts with her patients as if they were her family members. he laughs with them, she cries with them.

I decided to spend a couple of afternoons in the Parkview Oncology and Infusion Center in Brunswick to see for myself and better understand what I have been hearing over and over again about Dr. Trudi Chase.

Heidi Wolfe, a patient receiving treatment in the Infusion Center told me, “She doesn’t just listen to me, she hears me and therefore we can be an effective team to work on my treatment.”

Grace Bean shared with me, “I find her very caring and supportive. She follows up on all my test results. She always tries to cheer you and make you feel the best you can.”

And this from Bob Dittrich, “Dr. Chase and everyone on her staff that I’ve met are consummate professionals and very caring in their approach to the whole experience in the office. They listen very well to me, communicate clearly and openly with me, take the time I need to feel comfortable about the course of treatment needed, discuss options openly, and are compassionate and truly caring in all their interactions… I surely wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, but for those who are unlucky like me to get it, I hope you are as lucky as I’ve been to receive this level of compassionate and highly skilled care from Dr. Chase and her team!”

Brad Mitchell thanked me for asking him about his experience. “I found much help from the infusion center in being treated for four months with chemotherapy. Not only did I find the personnel competent professionals through and through in their knowledge and procedures of administering medication, but their simple human caring and readiness to answer questions and concerns did much to assuage my anxiety and help put my body and mind at ease.”

Dr. Trudi Chase and Dr. Charles Tashima are accepting new patients at their Oncology and Infusion Center. Services include: chemotherapy, blood transfusions, IV infusions for: hydration, Venofer, Reclast/Zometa, Remicade, Solumedrol, Immune Globulin. Also the following Injections: B-12, Aranesp, Lupron, Vaccines; Therapeutic Phlebotomies, Central LineCare/Blood Draws. Call today, (207) 319-1847.

Dr. Trudi Chase

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