Patient at heart of HealthSource Chiropractic treatment

HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab’s goals are simple – to get you feeling well again and to help you stay healthy. With our patented Progressive Rehab, feeling good is now easier than ever!

Whether you suffer from lower back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder or arm pain, bulging or herniated discs, leg pain or other ailments, HealthSource’s unique Progressive Rehab approach combines chiropractic adjustments with muscle strengthening to provide stabilizing rehabilitation and long-term pain relief.

With over 300 offices and 400,00 patients across the United States, and soon Canada and Australia, HealthSource’s Progressive Rehab and active care approaches are revolutionary and their chiropractors are enthusiastic.

“HealthSource aims to change the way America and the world sees chiropractic and seeks to bring this successful mode of life-changing health care to more people” says Dr. Joseph M.Hayes of HealthSource of North Portland, located on Washington Avenue. “HealthSource is helping me to stay on top of breaking events and technologies that help people heal and help them get back to their lives.”

At the heart of progressive rehabilitation is a focus on strengthening muscles in areas of the body that are constantly causing problems. By strengthening muscles located at the source of the pain, the root cause of the pain may be controlled for the long term.

In addition to adjustments and a focus on strengthening muscles, an active participation (called active care) of patients is a critical part of HealthSource’s approach. Components of this active care may include a nutrition plan and low-impact exercise.

In some cases, successful chiropractic treatment serves as an effective alternative to invasive surgery or drug therapies. HealthSource doctors work closely with patients to ascertain whether natural chiropractic is an appropriate alternative. Increasingly, patients are turning to chiropractic for its cost-effective approach to health. Central to HealthSource’s approach is a focus on the patient’s total well being, not just on the localized ailment. “We treat the body as a whole by looking at the bones, joints, muscles, nutrition and general health all together to get maximum results for our patients. Each day we have an opportunity to fulfill our promise to our patients by respecting their needs and remaining open minded to them and upholding the highest integrity.”

The patient is always at the heart of HealthSource’s treatment. “What I like most about HealthSource’s approach is how it is patient-centered ,” says Hayes. “The approach is one of looking toward complete health and what is always in the best interest of the patient. Also, with the resources of all of the HealthSource’s clinics, we collaborate on what treatments, rehab, orthotics and nutritional supplements work best.”

HealthSource’s culture is a key part of its nationwide success. HealthSource Chiropractic has superior values – Number 1 being effective communication. The essential skills are compassion, the ability to listen and the patient having trust in the office team.

We have recently started Phase One of office expansion to allow more patients access to progressive rehabilitation. We are excited to have added Dr. Tyler Bartlett to our team to manage this integral part of our practice. He works with patients on site to instruct in proper exercise techniques to ensure that the patient is correctly strengthening the muscles that are weakened due to the trauma of an injury or spinal subluxation and degeneration. This helps to establish a correct method of strengthening that the patient can eventually do at home with confidence. We have noticed that our patients are getting better faster with this two- fold approach.

What has amazed us is how well this has worked with our already athletic patients and competitive athletes. In some cases, athletes found that they were not doing their exercises properly, which would have led to further injury and eventually caused them to drop out of competition all together. With the combination of spinal manipulation, active and passive spinal decompression, and progressive rehab, people now have a one-stop option for their health care that is so necessary with today’s busy schedules.

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