One way or another, we’re all fighting cancer

Like Kate Kelly of Cumberland, Maine Women magazine has not missed being a part of the Tri For A Cure since it started seven years ago. Kate will participate for the eighth time this year doing all three legs of the Tri on her own, something she has done every year but the first. You can read more about Kate on page 21.

Kate will be in good company. More than 1,000 women will participate this year in the event, the largest cancer-fighting fundraiser in Maine. To date, the Tri has contributed about $6.5 million in cash and in-kind donations, including more than $600,000 so far this year. This money is used to fund cancer research, education, and support programs. You can read more details on page 5.

Unlike Kate Kelly, Barbara Perry and Shawna Ackley will be participating in the Tri for the first time, but like Kate, these two women will also do all three legs of the race on their own. This includes a one-third mile swim, a 15-mile bike ride, and a 3-mile run. All must be completed within the three-hour time frame. Each of these two women had been intimidated in some way, but both have decided to “go for it” this year. They both credit their training with sheJAMS, a woman’s fitness club, as part of the reason they feel confident enough to take on this challenge. For more information on sheJAMS, check out their website at To read more of Barbara and Shawna’s story, please go to page 14.

I was glad to see a piece in this year’s issue on nutrition and what some of the athletes do to prepare their bodies while training. All of the women that Joanne Lannin spoke with for her Table Talk column increase their calories and pay close attention to how they are fueling themselves for the big day. And, all of them have a special way of treating themselves once the race is over. Read more, including recipes, on page 33.

Every year, as we get ready to publish this issue, I pause to think about all of the people that I know who have battled cancer, and unfortunately, each year there seems to be some new faces in my mind. I think about the individuals, their families and friends, and realize what is mentioned so often in these pages, that there isn’t a person on the planet who has not been personally affected by cancer. We all live with it, on some level, every day. At Maine Women magazine, we want to extend a huge thanks to all of the women who participate in the Tri each year, the many volunteers who support the event, all of the sponsors and donors, and of course everyone involved with the Maine Cancer Foundation who are working so hard to find cures, lend support, and work with all of us who are impacted by cancer.

– Lee Hews, Publisher

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