Old Fashioned Divinity Fudge Recipe

A favorite recipe from Harbor Candy Shop


A heavy saucepan

electric mixer

rectangular cake pan

candy thermometer

4 cups sugar

2 cups light corn syrup

1 cup water

pinch salt

3 egg whites

1 cup walnuts

1?2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1?2 pound unsweetened chocolate

Have the egg whites ready to whip. Melt chocolate.

In the saucepan combine sugar, corn syrup, water, salt, and boil to 260 F. Remove from heat.

Whip the whites until stiff. At once pour the hot syrup very slowly in a thin stream into the whites while the mixer continues to whip at high speed until the syrup is used up. Continue whipping about a minute.

Add vanilla, nuts, and warm, melted chocolate, stirring by hand. Pour into the waxed-paper lined cake pan

Allow a day to set at room temperature before cutting.

Variations are pecans, dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc., as long as these are added last.

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