Antona Briley and her notebook shoes

this-thing-2I am not a stalker, or much of a shoe collector. These shoes, however, brought out the stalker in me. I first glimpsed them on a friend’s Twitter feed, and then the hunt began. I had to search and lurk for months until they were available in my size. As soon as they were, I pounced!

The best thing about these shoes is that they remind me of my love of the possibility of words to feed, soothe, empty or inspire my soul. Writing and words are a big part of my work as an eighth-grade language arts teacher. Blank, simple composition books provide space for my students’ brilliant words and ideas, which never cease to surprise and amaze me.

this-thing-1These awesome shoes make me smile every time I happen to glance down at my feet. They also seem to invite random people to talk with me, which I really enjoy.

Antona Briley lives and plays in South Portland with her husband, Dave, and her two children, Jada and Trevor. Now that she’s not stalking these shoes, she has time to read, surf, go to yoga class and take early-morning walks with her dog and cat (the cat really does join in on the walks, just not on a leash).

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