Northern New England Home Garden Flower Show Coming May 18-20

Northern New England Home Garden Flower Show Coming May 18-20

Voted among top 20 events in Maine by Yankee Magazine for 2011

Considering Fryeburg Fairgrounds is rated among the top fairgrounds in New England along with a 161-year history of bringing New Englander’s together, it is fitting the Northern NE Home Garden Flower Show held every May at the fairgrounds was voted one of the top 20 events in 2011 by Yankee Magazine and continues that tradition of excellence.

Around here, from mid-February on homeowners begin the annual pre-garden season and pre-home repair list. While seed catalogs stoke our hunger for our gardens we’re also restless to assess winter’s damage around the home. It may be too early to sink our hands into the moist earth of spring, but it’s not too early to get really practical about planning our garden and home repairs.

The 10th Annual Northern New England Home Garden Flower Show, May 18-20 at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds arrives just when our appetite for green things and the right timing for actually doing those home repair projects meet. Intrepid gardeners will start some weeks before then, but this special weekend in May is when everything comes together.

The home improvement and innovative energy displays open the window (pun intended) to what we might do with our homes in the seasons to come.

Fryeburg Fairgrounds is richly endowed with exposition halls. This show encompasses eight of them with more than 300 booths filled with innovative and established businesses and artisans who form the marketplace of handmade goods.

As home and garden shows go, the Northern NE Home Garden Flower Show excels on many levels. There are landscape displays, lawn and power equipment, swing sets for kids and adults, outdoor wood boilers, docks, decks, solar and alternative heating experts and more. Spilling out the buildings and onto the five acres of groomed grass and paved walkways are lots of garden centers selling thousands of perennials, annuals, seedlings, trees, shrubs and soil amendments; all nursery products are zone hardy and all ready to go. All the while, a soft breeze might whet our appetites with the aroma of fresh-cooked fair food and wood-fired brick ovens in action.

Seminars take place throughout the weekend and are offered by leading experts in the home and garden industry. Our Smart Home Owner Series is the go-to place if you are planning on home improvements inside and outside. The All Things Growing Seminars, presented by the Maine Landscape and Nursermen’s Association, is a must if you are new to the garden or looking to further your garden knowledge. All seminars are designed to inform, enlighten and guide us through the next generation of home improvement and garden excellence.

This year’s garden expert Paul Parent, from the nationwide syndicated radio garden series The Paul Parent Garden Show, will be sharing his 30 plus years of garden expertise. When Paul Parent says, “There aren’t any dumb questions about gardening,” he means it (and he’s heard thousands over the years as a radio personality). Tip: Radio guys are even more fun in person. Delightfully entertaining, even if you don’t garden (go to for more information and a station near you).

The annual Meet The Chefs Cooking Series is a definite crowd pleaser. Celebrity chefs from all over New England show you how to braise, souffle?, mousse, flambe?, grille, bake, bar-b-que and broil. Joining our Meet The Chef’s Cooking Series is Yankee Magazine’s senior lifestyle editor, Amy Traverso. Amy will be among the chefs preparing one of her award winning dishes. In 2004 Amy had her wedding under an apple tree with her entourage wearing apple-hued attire. This led to her “Apple Lover’s Cookbook,” which is on its way to becoming a staple in New England kitchens.

Cabot Creamery of Vermont transformed the dairy industry in New England over 90 years ago. Farm families now pass along that tradition: Locally produced dairy products that win the hearts and tables of consumers everywhere and Candace Karu, Cabot’s Lifestyle coordinator and crowd pleaser will return as the series Food Emcee assisted by Jean Kerr, editor of Northeast Flavor Magazine.

To use an apt metaphor, this show did not just sprout up by magic. It was planted and tended by its founder, Karla Ficker. Karla has cross-pollinated the best of a country fair with a vision for a 21st century eco-conscious lifestyle. The fairgrounds are easy to navigate and are handicapped accessible with plenty of free parking.

For exhibitor information please visit the website or email or or call1-800-359-2033 or 207-935-2845.

The Northern New England Home Garden Flower Show is coming May 18-20 to the Fryeburg Fairgrounds

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