Moms must find workout time

Many women realize that while the joys of motherhood are infinite, finding time for themselves becomes a distant memory. Most mothers find themselves giving everything to everyone else, and very little to themselves. So, how can busy mothers find the time to regularly exercise and stay fit? Here are a few tips for all the busy moms trying to fit themselves into their own schedule:

• Incorporate your children in your workout routine. According to the Centers for Disease control, the number of overweight children and teens has continued to rise over the past two decades. Get out and play with your children. Not only does this set a good example, but also but you all will benefit from the activity. Jump rope, play soccer, tag, or on a rainy day try the Wii.

• Encourage your children to take a long and brisk walk with you every day. It is a great time to catch up, and connect with your kids while getting some fresh air and exercise at the same time. Or, if they are teenagers, do not readily offer to drive them. If you know they are safe, where they are going and it is daylight, recommend they walk with a friend or take their bike.

• If your children are still in a stroller, pack them up and go walking, jogging or running. Many fitness centers have child care available. Try to find a gym with a children’s area.

• Try resistance training. A recent University of Maine study showed that 30 minutes of resistance training burned as many calories as doing 6-minute-per-mile pace run for the same amount of time. This is not to say to forgo the walking, running or other forms or cardiovascular exercise, but those days when you simply do not have time, 30 minutes can get you a great workout. Resistance training burns calories, helps posture and helps prevent osteoporosis. Pick up a few weights, stretch bands, or use your own body (i.e., pushups, walking lunges, etc.) and give it a try.

• Get an exercise buddy. Studies show that people are more likely to stick with an exercise program when they have a partner. You can encourage each other, push each other, and keep each other on track. Another busy mom might be just what you need to make fitness a part of your life.

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