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Organic simple cuts from Brook There

Brook DeLorme started Brook There in 2007 as a clothing business. But after looking for simple lingerie you could wash and wear—easy pieces that made you feel beautiful and comfortable—she couldn’t find what she was looking for. So she starting designing and creating pieces herself. “I could never find undergarments that I wanted to wear and in which I felt comfortable, so I started producing them through the brand. They were immediately popular, and about four years ago we officially focused the business in that direction,” she says.

DeLorme’s brand, which is sold at Étaín and Portland Dry Goods in Portland and Daughters in Rockland, as well as online,  infuses comfort by creating durable design that come in a broad range of sizes—something that is hard to find while shopping for bralettes. “We offer up to nine sizes versus the standard S/M/L, which is industry standard. Every woman is unique, and their bras should be treated with the same individualism,” she says.

The simple pieces from Brook There are made to make the wearer feel beautiful and comfortable. Prices range from $28–$32 for undies and $48–$52 for bras. Photo by Christina Jorro

Working in Maine, DeLorme is surrounded by nature and pulls inspiration from trees, cliffs, water and the sky. “Maine has a long tradition of simplicity, individualism and pragmatism, a disdain for traditional status symbols and frugality,” she says. These values have influenced her work—her line is about comfort rather than status. She also wants the line to speak to women who aren’t afraid to get dirt under their nails while being outdoors all day and who also want to feel beautifully feminine.

Photo courtesy of Brook There

DeLorme has been making clothing since she was 12 and knew then that was her niche. Her designs favor function over form. “Clothing should be forgotten about as soon as one puts it on,” she says. “I care intensely about comfort, because that is the first requirement to forgetting about what we are wearing. I care about aesthetics, in the sense of being at one with the surroundings or environment, as well as standing out as an individual in a fitting way.”

After attending Maine College of Art, she met her husband and business partner, Daniel. The couple spend time in Portland as well as visiting lots of quiet cabins in the woods, which helps DeLorme infuse her craft.

When dreaming up a design, DeLorme begins with a simple line drawing. The designing continues when the fabric is in her hands. “The actual process of sewing and making adjustments on the machine or the mannequin is very important to me,” she says.

Photo courtesy of Brook There

She stays away from synthetic materials and only uses organic cottons, silks, wool and rayon that are manufactured in the United States. “The majority of our garments are cut in Fall River, Mass., with some styles hand-dyed by me,” she says. All garments are machine washable and maintain their size and shape. DeLorme wants women to move freely in her designs, whether they are rock climbing or wearing them under their favorite dress.

Find Brook There lingerie and undergarments at Étaín and Portland Dry Goods in Portland, Daughters in Rockland and online at

Katie Bingham-Smith is a writer, shoe addict and mother living in Bowdoinham. She pays her kids to rub her feet and never turns down anything with caffeine.

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